About Us!

We are a new Colorado company that started from scratch! Just a couple of guys that wanted to start our own business in apparel but yearned to be different. The goal was to be unique and have something nobody else has. After finding countless pairs of jeans and pants that claimed to be "stretchy", but realistically had minimal stretch, we decided to maximize this concept and bring you our unique J-Walkers Original Pants. After nearly 2 years of working with different manufacturers and testing different fabrics, designs, and sizing, we made what we think are the perfect, truly stretchy, pants. We designed these to be for everyone! These were made So You Can Do You! You can wear them to work, school, the gym, the skatepark, clubbing, or WHEREVER! Men, women, it doesn't matter! You get the point, try us out, you won't be disappointed.

Max & Justin